...bedding for body and soul!

Let's enjoy our living

We are a youth team who is constantly looking for new interesting and aesthetic ideas for living place and recreation environment. Each thing performs its function - the bed is designed to sleep, the blanket is designed to warm up, and the sugarbox - to hold the sugar. When we associate things with emotions, we start to value them and do not want to separate from it. 

At Cupolus you will find items that are friendly to the nature or helps people to live more comfortable. It is important for us to surround our customers with beautiful enviroment and inspire them for another pleasant day. A sympathetic hand-made cup with an instant coffee will delight your best friend or will allow you to feel relaxed for yourself.

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Cupolus - bedding for your boddy and soul

The most entusiastic and friendly team in ecommerce

The Cupolus team wants renew your home, your office or terrace, get you amazed off new look of old place or make your new place more cozy and "yours". We will offer new accents: handmade ceramics or handmade accesories, chick and nature friendly bedding. We will show you how to inspare yourself with just few new things from Cupolus eshop for a joyfull living.

Why choose Cupolus?

1. We look for high quality products. We test the products and give to customer the opportunity to enjoy the very best!
2. Our products are friendly to nature. Our and our children future is important to us. Our store offers only natural or environment friendly products.
3. You will not find our goods everywhere. Most of our products will not be in the most popular supermarkets, they will not be in each of your familiar homes. You can find unique ceramics or home interier accesories at Cupolus.

Lets dive in to the jorney of choice!