Privacy policy

The buyer, wishing to use Cupolus and to buy the goods / services offered here, must register in the Cupolus system by completing the registration form. The registration form must include the following personal details of the Buyer: name, email, address where the goods will be delivered, the phone number to which the courier may contact, and other data necessary for the delivery of the goods. The name and surname of the Seller authorized by the Legal Entity represent the name of the legal entity.

The buyer has the right at any time to change, add or request the administrator to cancel his registration without limitation. Upon cancellation of the registration, the Buyer loses access to and purchase of Cupolus. Buyer regains the opportunity to purchase only by re-registering Cupolus.

During registration, the Buyer creates individual login data (username - email address and password) and undertakes to store and not disclose it to any third parties. In order to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to Cupolus on behalf of the buyer, it is recommended to create a complicated, hardly foreseeable password (the recommended password is made up of at least 8 characters using upper and lower case letters, number and punctuation marks, avoid easy-to-predicted words (Buyer's name, surname etc.) and / or numbers (eg birth dates), etc.) and change it at least every 6 (six) months. The buyer is responsible for the complexity and preservation of the log-data created by him, as well as for any actions (data transfer, submitted goods orders, user's comments, etc.) that Cupolus performs online at the individual Customer's name and password. If the services provided by Cupolus are used by a third person, having entered the marketplace on the Internet using the Customer's login data, the Seller considers this person as the Buyer. If the Buyer loses access to the data, he must immediately inform the Dealer via telephone and e-mail. mail or to change the login data by logging into the "My data" section of the Cupolus system. The Seller can not be and will not be held liable for damage caused to the Buyer by third parties joining Cupolus using the Customer's login data.

By registering the Buyer together, the Seller grants the Seller the right to collect, store, organize, use and process personal data for the purposes of these Rules, which the Buyer submits upon registration and visiting Cupolus and using Cupolus services.

Personal data provided by the customer will be processed in accordance with the requirements established by GDPR. By managing and protecting the Customer's personal data, the Seller will implement organizational and technical measures that will ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, modification, disclosure, as well as any other unlawful handling.

The Customer's personal data will be used to identify the Buyer in determining whether the Buyer and the person to whom the goods are delivered during the sale and delivery of the goods, the issuance of accounting documents, the reimbursement of overpayments and / or money for goods returned by the Buyer, administration of debts, other sales contractual obligations and providing the Buyer with access to other Cupolus services. The customer's personal data will be processed for direct marketing purposes only with the Buyer's consent. The buyer's consent is expressed by completing the registration form and by marking the relevant fields in the form set out in these Rules.

The Seller will only use the personal data provided by the Buyer. The Seller will not disclose the Customer's personal data to third parties, except for the Delivery partners only for the purpose of collecting and sending the order, or in the cases provided for in the legal acts of European Union, having received an obligation to do so.

The Buyer must indicate in the registration form that such notices and / or bids should not be sent to him if he does not wish to receive the messages of the Seller and / or his partners and / or other offers addressed to the Buyer. Unless the Buyer disswants the Seller will not use the Buyer's personal data for marketing purposes and will not send promotional or informational messages to the Buyer, except those required for the execution of the order placed by the Buyer. Required communications related to the execution of the order may contain information of a marketing nature that is not directly related to the order placed by the Buyer.

The customer's personal data used for marketing purposes will be stored for a maximum of 5 years. The personal data of the buyer will be kept longer only when the law specifies specific data storage terms (eg personal data on the invoice). When personal data becomes unnecessary for the purposes of their processing and / or expiration of the specified retention period, they will be destroyed.

The Buyer has the right at any time, upon submitting a request to the Seller, to get acquainted with the Seller's processed Customer's personal data and how they are processed, to demand correcting incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate personal data, requesting to suspend, save for storage, processing of personal data when processing data is not observed the laws and the conditions of these Terms. The purchaser's personal data may be provided only to  show the scope of the stored data, but not Cupolus "know-how". The seller undertakes to submit the requested data within 15 business days or more, if there are no technical restrictions.

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