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Bahoma diffuser, Just Cookies fragrance

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White Pearl collection diffuser is cookiese fragrance . Diffuser will give your home an exceptional fragrance. The fragrance of the White Pearl Collector's Bahoma House is lush, charming, uplifting and addictive! Top notes: coffee, milk, butter, allmond. Heart notes: cotton candy, peach, rose, cookie. Base notes: sweet, vanilla.

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Compositions solventi and parfum
Brand Bahoma
Fragrance cookies

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Atention: Item takes 7-14 business days to collect.

The fragrance of the White Pearl Collector's Bahoma house is charming, uplifting and addictive!

There is something magical about removing fresh cookies from a hot oven.  As the blast of buttery, sweet fragrance hits your senses it sets off irresistible chain reactions which inevitably lead to the disappearance of the cookies.  This fragrance captures that magic but leaves the guilt in the oven.

Diffuser composition: solvent, parfum.

Diffuser size: 4.5x8.5x25cm. 100 ml diffuser in flexible packaging - painted glass.

The smell will not only enrich your home with the smells of luxury, but will also create a sense of cosiness.

You can choose the fragrances of the White Pearl collection to suit your taste, with a wide range of scents, and the Bahoma home diffuser has a very long scent time and a luxurious scent, making them very practical and enjoyable by many.


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