Camel wool duvet

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The camel wool duvet is a great gift for yourself or your family members, It is especially warm andcozy and suitable for all seasons. Camel wool is unique in a way that it prevents bacterial reproduction while creating a healthy and natural sleeping environment.

Data sheet

Compositions 85% wool, 15% polyester
Care instructions ventilation, can not be washed
Pattern Type plain
Tissue 100% cotton
Shape rectangle
Allergens is (read the product description)
Dedicated to unisex
Fill Type camel wool
Filler weight 400g
Season All 4 year seasons

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Attention: Item takes 1-14 business days to collect.

Camel wool is a natural product that prevents a propagation of various bacterias and dust mites. Wool has a slight scent of a natural fiber . To reduce the intensity of the odor, Werecommend the duvet to be ventilated.

Camel wool duevts are made of natural fiber, which is very soft and lightweight. Blanket upper fabric is made of cotton, which is especially durable, but very soft and pleasant.

This camel wool duvet meets Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements. While sleeping under a camel wool duvet, your skin always breathes. The blanket has the ability to cool in summer while warming up in winter. So the duvet is universal, as it can be used all seasons and enjoy a warmth, comfort and hygiene that it provides.

The duvet is packed in an environment-friendly, reusable packaging. Also, a sample of natural fiber that a blanket is filled with is added to the package.

Care instruction: Camel wool duvets should not be laundered, bleached, dried or ironed. We recommend to ventilate duvets . Possible dry cleaning without restrictions.

In our online store, we have more duvets, not only camel wool, but also sheep wool with microfiber filler, goose and duck downs and feathers, bamboo fiber.


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