Duvet from Alpaca's wool

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The alpaca wool duvet is a great gift for yourself or your family members, It is especially warm and cozy and suitable for all seasons. Alpaca wool is unique in a way that it prevents bacterial reproduction while creating a healthy and natural sleeping environment.

Data sheet

Compositions alpaca wool
Color white
Care instructions ventilation, can not be washed
Shape rectangle
Blanket size Single 160x200cm
Allergens no allergens
Dedicated to unisex
Cover material compositions 100% cotton
Fill Type wool
Season All 4 year seasons

More info

The natural environment of alpacas are the Andean mountains in South America. They live at altitudes from 4000-4700 m, above sea level. They are adapted to both: frosts and harsh sunrays. Thanks to this, they have created at thick layer of the most delicate wool whose properties change depending on the temperature. Alpaca wool is naturally anti-allergic in contrast to sheep's wool, is does not contain lanolin, so you do not need to use any chemicals when using it. The lack of lanolin also cause that alpaca wool does not attract dust and is free from mites.

Alpaca's quilts were produced to ensure the highest standarts, the alpaca fleece is cleaned and washed by hand, thanks to which it retains its unique thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties. These are traditiniol and exlusive products made with the utmost care. The wool is covered with a cotton fabric with a nice pattern on the whole surface. Finished with an exlusive cotton piping, a sash with logo and a label with instructions for use.

Alpaca fiber has the properties of wicking moisture while stopping the heat generated. This means that the fibers in the quilt absorb the moisture of the body, keeping the sweat away from it. The moisture is slowly released outside the quilt.

Alpaca wool duvets are made of natural fiber, which is very soft and lightweight. Blanket upper fabric is made of cotton, which is especially durable, but very soft and pleasant. While sleeping under a alpacal wool duvet, your skin always breathes. The blanket has the ability to cool in summer while warming up in winter. So the duvet is universal, as it can be used all seasons and enjoy a warmth, comfort and hygiene that it provides.

This quilt - 100% natural product. 80% made by hand. Hypoallergic, because is does not contain lanolin. Six times warmer than sheep qool quilts. Enables efficient breathing of the skin during sleep. Eliminates conditions conducive to the development of mites. Stops heat allowing simultaneous breathing of the skin. Completely ecological (the whole process of manufacturing the product takes place only with the use of ecological and natural ingredients.

The duvet from Alpaca's wool is especially recommended for people suffering from : allergy, low pressure, excessive sweating, night chils.

Care instruction: frequent airing of the product. After each night brushing the quilt away (so that the wool can return to its natural elasticity).

It is not recommended: twist, iron, bleach, wash, dried mechanically.

In our online store, we have more duvets, not only alpaca wool, but also sheep wool with microfiber filler, goose and duck downs and feathers, bamboo fiber.

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