Natural summer duvet from wool

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Summer, handmade wool fill quilt - a cozy and warm gift. High quality duvet from woll - natural and chemically untreated.

It maintains body temperature, reduces perspiration, absorbs moisture, allows skin to breathe well, maintains proper body temperature so it can be used for cold and warm seasons. Natural fiber duvet for healthy sleep!

Data sheet

Compositions Wool
Color white
Care instructions ventilation, can not be washed
Pattern Type plain
Allergens sheep wool
Dedicated to unisex
Fill Type wool
Season Summer
Made in Lithuania (EU)

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ATTENTION: order picking takes 7-14 days.

Sheep wool - very hygienic, soft, breathable, well protected from temperature changes.
Wool fabric has the ability to isolate cold and heat, protect against sudden fluctuations in temperature and
allow your skin to breathe during sleep.

Wool prevents bacteria from multiplying. Wool products are suitable for winter and summer use.

Wool duvet does not accumulate dirt and dust. They stay on the duvet surface because the natural lanolin
fat in the wool prevents dirt from penetrating deeper into the fabric.

Dust mites, which today because many people with different types of espiratory allergies, are unable to breed
in woolen bedding

Wool fiber performs a natural micromassage, which improves blood circulation, well-being, speeds up the repair
process and heals faster.

Care instruction:

It is advisable to ventilate wool products several times a year in a warm dry environment. Also ventilate if the specific

scent of natural wool seems too strong. You will find care signs on "Good Night" labels indicating that bed linen cannot be

washed. However, in ancient times, women used to wash wool products: lukewarm water. After washing, gently print and apply horizontally in a warm environment.If you have used knits for domestic wool, you know that hot water, long soaking, and careless caressing make the wool come together, so naturally treated wool should be handled with care.

This blanket is an Oeko-tex 100 standard.

Important: We also inform you that the color in reality may be slightly different from the color in the photos.


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