Seersucker Quilt

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This duvet is made from a new generation Seersucker fabric. This is a very lightweight, soft and exceptionally pleasing touch duvet that which you can use all year.

Data sheet

Compositions 100% polyester
Color white
Care instructions wash at60°C inside out
Tissue polyester
Shape rectangle
Dedicated to unisex
Filler weight 300g

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Attention: The item takes 1-14 business days to collect.

The Seersucker fabric has an outstanding texture, called Embossed Texture. This texture gives a duvet of luxury and exclusivity. The Seersucker fabric is a hollow siliconized fiber. This fabric with prominent gaps, therefore, rises from the skin, thus improving the heat distribution and air circulation.

The duvet made from Seersucker fabric is very soft and purer. This duvet is very well heated and circulating air, so it can be used all year.

The duvet meets the Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements, is hygienic, lightweight and very soft.

Care instruction: duvets should not be allowed in washing machines at temperatures up to 60 degrees. Duvets can not be bleached and evenly coated. Possible drying and careful dry cleaning.

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