SET Single duvet with silver thread and pillow


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  • Single 135X200cm
  • Big Single 155X200cm

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The Duvet and pillow with silver thread is of the finest quality. Fully natural, handmade, produced with attention to the smallest detail. Filled with the goose down, with optimal properties as regards heat insulation, fill power, air circulation, elasticity and durability. SET Single duvet 135x200cm with silver thread and pillow. You can choose pillow size.

Pack description

Exclusive, soft cotton with a gentle shine made from woven silver thread, finished with elegant piping. An Anti-bacterial product X-Static System. The fill comprises highest-quality 90% goose down and 10% fine down feathers which has undergone the EEC SYSTEM process. SILVER PRESTIGE duvets and pillows, mad eusing warm seam technology, ensure optimal air circulation while also maintaining an equal temperature throughout. A product for real connoisseurs.

The finest quality cotton + X-Static system. A natural anti-bacterial and anti-odor fabric ensuring enhanced hygiene and safety. The antistatic properties of silver keep the body free from hamful positive ions that cause stress and diseases. It creates an environment free of mites, fungi and other harmful microbes. Silver is a natural and safe antibiotic. It acts as a health promoter, strengthening the body and stimulating vital energy. The enhanced durability of the covering fabric and its fabulous, gentle shine guarantee full satisfaction with your purchase. 

The quilt  and pillow fill is made from the highest-quality 90% goose down and 10% fine down feathers. Tissue: 85% cotton, 15% silver. Duvet and pillow are easy and hygienic. This duvet and pillow are characterized by luxurious tenderness. 

Duvet fill: 135x200cm - 800g, 155x200cm - 850g, 180x200cm - 1000g, 200x200cm - 1150g, 200x220cm - 1300g, 220x240cm - 1560g

Pillow fill: 40x40cm - 150g, 40x60cm - 240g, 50x60cm - 400g, 50x70cm - 500g, 70x80cm - 900g.

Care instruction: duvet and pillow can not be bleached, dried or stained. Possible dry cleaning. Also, this duvet can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees.

In our online store, we also have more duvets: camel wool, sheep wool, microfiber filler, goose and duck downs and feathers.

Atention: Item takes 7-14 business days to collect. 

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