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A unique ECOLOGICAL collection in line with current world trends. Duvet - a fully natural product, made of the highest quality materials. Fully natural, handmade, produced with attention to the smallest detail. Filled with the goose downs and feathers, with optimal properties as regards heat insulation, fill power, air circulation, elasticity and durability. 

Data sheet

Compositions 90% goose down, 10% fine down feathers
Color cream
Care instructions wash at 40 degrees in the washing machine
Tissue 100% cotton
Allergens Feathers and/ or down
Dedicated to unisex
Fill Type downs - feathers
Season All 4 year seasons

More info

Ecological natural fabric. Organic cotton collection is covered with an exceptionally soft inlet fabric with the naturally beautiful color of non-bleached cotton - gentle cream. The fabrics consists of 100% organic cotton with a fine batiste weave. This gentle weave and the highest quality of the yarn, cultivated in the traditional way, ensure exceptional softness.

A unique ECOLOGICAL collection in line with current world trends. A fully natural product, made of the highest quality materials. A gentle cotton inlet fabric filled with 90% goose down and 10%gentle and soft down feathers. The fill is also refined using the EEC System process, which makes it clean and safe, guaranteeing full satisfaction with your purchase.

The duvet fill is made from the highest-quality 90% goose down and 10% goose feather. Tissue: organic cotton. Quilt is easy and hygienic. This quilt is characterized by luxurious tenderness. 

Duvet fill: 135x200cm - 900g, 155x200cm - 1000g, 200x220cm - 1500g.

Care instruction:  duvet can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees.

In our online store, we also have more duvets: camel wool, sheep wool, microfiber filler, goose and duck downs and feathers.

Atention: Item takes 7-14 business days to collect. 


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