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Royall duvet for all seasons is covered with the finest inlet fabric. The fine batiste weave of the fabric is made from exquiste Egyptian Mako cotton. But it is the fill which is made from the softest, carefully select down. Filled with the goose downs - with optimal properties as regards heat insulation, fill power, air circulation, elasticity and durability. 

Data sheet

Compositions 100% goose downs
Color white
Care instructions wash at 40 degrees in the washing machine
Tissue 100% cotton
Allergens Feathers and/ or down
Dedicated to unisex
Fill Type downs
Season All 4 year seasons

More info

Royal Collection products are covered with the finest inlet fabric with a basic weight of just 70g/m. The fine batiste weave of the fabric is made from exquisite Egyptian mako cotton. But it is the fill that is the quintessence of the quality of Royall collection products, made from the softest, carefully selected down. This down is more fluffy.

The Egyption cotton groving in climate most favourable for its growth, in Egypt, is famous for exquisite quality and for being the most lovingly cultivated type of cotton. The perfect climate and hand-harvesting of only the ripe buds, make the fibers as long as possible. The lenght of the fiber improves the yarn, making the strands more durable and the thread thinner. That is why a fabric woven from Egyption cotton has such high quality, softer, more pleasant to the touch, more durable in use, with a characteristic delicate lustre, is smooth and elastic.

The quilt fill is made from the highest-quality 100% goose down. Tissue: exquisite Egyptian mako cotton. Duvet is easy and hygienic. This pillow is characterized by luxurious tenderness. 

Duvet fill: 135x200cm - 500g, 155x200cm - 570g, 180x200cm - 670g, 200x200cm - 740g, 200x220cm - 810g, 220x240cm - 970g

Care instruction: duvet can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees.

In our online store, we also have more duvets: camel wool, sheep wool, microfiber filler, goose and duck downs and feathers.

Atention: Item takes 7-14 business days to collect. 


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