SET of 2 Duck down and feather pillows Morpheus


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Probably nobody imagines a comfortable bed without a pillow. Enjoy a wonderfully comfortable night’s sleep on this 90% duck down and 10% feather duvet. This nice and soft SET of 2 Duck down and feather pillows,  offers the perfect compromise of comfort and breathability and is an excellent option for everyone.

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The oldest and best-known material in the nature, which was fill the pillows - feathers and downs of birds flying in the water. Such down pillows are characterized by moisture-absorbing and warm-keeping properties. The microclimate becomes ideal when sleeping, because the damp cloth from the human body completely eliminates excess moisture. Due to these qualities, in the bed maintains an optimum temperature for the body even when the ambient temperature is different. The quality of fluff-feather products is different from the ratio of fluff and feathers in it - the higher the fluff ratio, the higher the quality of the product.


Corresponding to the most important standards of eco-efficiency, in particular a high-quality duck down-feather quill designed for maximum comfort during sleep and even the most demanding customer! Only specially selected high quality raw materials are used for production of pillows, so that the product will serve year-round.


Duck down and feather pillow is 100% natural product. Duck down and feather pillow is tvery warm, soft, the best and the most expensive, so it is best suited for people who like to sleep especially warm. They are lightweight and provide great comfort. You can use it every day. Duck down and feather pillow is white color. Cover material - 100% cotton. Filler is 90% duck down and 10% feather. There are more sizes and other materials pillows on Cupolus. You can also find not only pillows but blankets  too.


Duck down and feather pillows are require special care. We advise sometimes to wash with machine to 60°C, consantly ventilate and pure, unbleached, unequal.


Important! The color in reality may be slightly different from the color in the photos. Also the pillow  pattern may be slightly different from the pattern in the photos.