Breathable linen pillow

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A lining pillow is a unique product that creates a feeling of lightness and comfort during sleep. This pillow is especially suitable for those who are allergic to various fibers. Linen fiber conductive to air, quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture.

Data sheet

Compositions 100% polyester
Color white
Care instructions ventilation, can not be washed
Tissue 55% Lyocell Tencel, 45% cotton knitted with linen
Allergens no allergens
Dedicated to unisex
Fill Type polyester balls
Filler weight 500g
Made in Lithuania (EU)

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Attention:The item takes 1-14 business days to collect.

Linen is one of the oldest vegetable fibers. Linen fibers are conductive to air and very quickly dries. This natural fiber is especially suitable for people who have sensitive skin.

The pillow with linen is extremely thin and light. Pillow filler - 100% polyester fiber balls, and upper fabric - 55% TENCEL®, 45% cotton woven with linen. The pillow fabric is pleasant and delicate.


The pillow is a pleasant and delicate fabric made of cotton and TENCEL® fiber made of eucalyptus wood pulp. This product complies with Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 quality requirements.

Pillow filler: 50x70cm - 500g, 60x60cm - 500g.

Care instruction: linen pillows can not be washed, dried, coated and bleached. Possible dry cleaning, ventilation.

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