Elastic pillow with lyocell

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The pillow is made from lyocell, which consist of 100% natural fabric made from wood cellulose fibers, without the use of chemical substances, and fully biodegradable. The pillow is an ecological product, allergy friendly.

Data sheet

Compositions 100% polyester
Color white
Care instructions machine washable up to 60°C, consantly ventilate and pure, unbleached, unequal
Tissue cotton with lyocell
Cover zipper, removable cover
Allergens no allergens
Dedicated to unisex
Fill Type polyester balls
Made in Europe

More info

Lyocell is the first fiber produced using nanotechnology, which gives it a combination of the best features of existing fibers. Microscopic fibers are woven in a controlled and regular pattern, giving the fabric an exceptional capacity to absorb excess humidity, which is rapidly expelled into the atmosphere. It therefore prevents the development of bacteria by eliminating the environment in which they can live and grow. This property also means that the products in this collection will dry significantly faster after washing. 

Apart from its ability to maintain proper humidity, another feature that makes this fabric extremaly comfortable is its softness. Lyocell achieves this thanks to its unussually soft nanofibers. These are ideal products for those who value of feeling luxury. They are also recommended for those with sensitive, irritation-prone skin.

The pillow fill is made using highest-quality HCS brands fibers from AdvaSA, the leadder in the production of modern fibers and fabrics used in numerous industries. The fiber is silicone-coated, giving it extra softness and elasticity.

Pillow with lyocell is easy and hygienic. This pillow is characterized by luxurious tenderness. The pillow can be used all year. 

Care instruction: Pillows with lyocell, can not be bleached, dried or stained. Possible dry cleaning. Also, this pillow can be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees.

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Atention: Item takes 7-14 business days to collect. 


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