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Pillow with levander is perfect for sufferers of anxiety and insomnia the gentle levander aroma in these pillow promotes relaxation and deep sleep.  Let the aromatherapy qualities calm and sooth, helping to induce sleep. Set 2 pillows. Pillow size 50x70cm.

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Attention: The item takes 1-5 business days to collect.

Levander pillow is a great choice who wants to have a fresh and relaxed sleep. Aromatherapy is one of the most gentle and versatile healing arts. By harnessing the therapeutic properties of the essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, a whole host of physical and psychological complaints can be relived. Benefit from each of their specific healing properties for a better rest. Aroma Printing technology with speciality functional aromatic finishes can be applied by pad, exhaust (garment washing) printing or coating techniques.

Recommended for hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial, its ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

Pillowcase: 100% polyester Microfiber.
Pillow filling: 100% "Comforell“ polyester balls, 770g
Care instruction: washable in the washing machine in soft mode at the temperatures not exceeding 60° degrees Celsius.
In our online store, we also have more pillows: camel wool, sheep wool, microfiber filler, geese and duck downs and feathers: .

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