Two-layer pillow: buckwheat hull and sheep wool

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The set of nice pillow from wool, pillow with Buckwheat Hull filling and pillowcase from 100% cotton. This is absolutely natural product. You can sleep on both sides. If it is cold – on wool side, if its summer on Buckwheat Hull side. These natural fillings let the air freely circulates through and makes your skin breath, your muscles relax.

Data sheet

Compositions Wool/ buckwheat hulls
Color natural linen
Care instructions Cover you can wash with your hands or the washing machine. Buckwheat shells are ventilated.
Pattern Type plain
Set pillow and pillow cover
Weight 1,9kg
Cover zipper, removable cover
Allergens is (read the product description)
Dedicated to unisex
Fill Type buckwheat hulls
Made in Lithuania (EU)

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Attention: Item takes 1-3 business days to collect.

Nice natural pillow for sleep with pillowcase. Absolutely natural product will help your neck muscles relax. One pillow is filed with Buckwheat Hull and will massage you neck while you sleep. Your skin can breathe all the sleep time because the air freely circulates through the buckwheat hulls. The pillow adapts to the shape of the head and neck bends. You can change the thickness of it. Another pillow is filled with sheep wool. This pillow can be used as cushion too. It will definitely become your best friend for short nap on the couch.


Pillow is 60cm long and 40cm length rectangle. Together with pillow’s set you get the pillowcase which is made from 100% cotton. Nice natural pillow filled with buckwheat hull makes little sound when you place your head on it. It feels like you are sitting in the Buckwheat field and listening to the sound of fluctuating crops. The pillow from wool will warm you in cold autumn or winter time.


How to adjust the thickness of Buckwheat Hull pillow: just open the zipper of pillow tick on the side and pour out some buckwheat hull till you start feel comfort with the thickness of pillow. The pillow circulates the air and does not cause sweating. It is suitable for people with allergies or even for high sweating people or hot summer.


Care instructions: pillowcase is easy to clean. You can wash it in a washing machine. If your pillow gets wet, you can open tick and pour out the buckwheat hull in to some dish and leave buckwheat hull in the sun. It will dry the hull and will sterilize it if needed. The pillow tick is washable too.

These pillows does not need the cleaning only if it is flushed or stained accidentally.


Set of pillows and pillowcase is packed in a comfortable bag with a handle.


Pillow is filed with Buckwheat Hull Pillow and have very light smell of Buckwheat. While sleep on this pillow, your body will relax, calm down, breath will harmonize and, in the morning, you will feel rested and full of energy to start another big day.


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