Buckwheat Hull Floor Cushion or dark pink pouf 22x13cm

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Dark pink floor cushion or nice pouf filled with buckwheat hull can be use as home decoration, meditation cushion and more. Buckwheat Hull Floor Cushion is often used to comfort unexpected guests, or to sit down with shrill boots. This pouf is perfect to maintain a true backbone and will complete your home decor idea.

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Data sheet

Width 22 cm
Compositions buckwheat hulls
Color bordeaux
Care instructions Cover you can wash with your hands or the washing machine. Buckwheat shells are ventilated.
Pattern Type plain
Shape round
Height 13 cm
Weight 1kg
Cover zipper, removable cover
Allergens no allergens
Dedicated to unisex
Floor cushion size 22x13cm

More info

Everything what comes from nature is close to us and become organic part of our life. If you do yoga or just like to relax on couch we have special thing to make your relaxation moment more exciting. Nice floor cushion filled with buckwheat hull or nice dark pink pouf will make little sound when you sit on it. It feels like you are sitting in the Buckwheat field and listening to the sound of fluctuating crops. It will definitely become your best friend to maintain a true backbone. You can even keep your legs while watching movie on the sofa.

 Nice dark pink pouf is 22cm width and 13 cm height round pouf. You can change the thickness of it. Just open the zipper on the side of pillow and pour out some buckwheat hull till you start feel comfort with the thickness of cushion. It is dark pink and decorated with spruce pattern.

 You can use this floor pillow as cushion for meditation or yoga. Kids like to play while sitting on this pouf, it is comforting them to move around with a toy. This cushion is long lasting and will stay in shape for very long time. Floor Cushion has handle, so you can take it everywhere.

You get the set of pouf cover and it’s case for this price. The pouf case is made from 100% cotton. Inside you have a nice strong tick filed with absolutely natural material - buckwheat hull to let your skin breath. Pouf case is easy to clean. You can wash it in a washing machine. If your pouf gets wet, you can open tick and pour out the buckwheat hull in to some dish and leave buckwheat hull in the sun. It will dry the hull and will sterilize it if needed. This pouf does not need the cleaning only if it is flushed or stained accidentally.


This pouf can become the accent of your living room or maybe fit you next to fireplace. You can have it in few colors or sizes, just take a look to the list with other cushions.  Maybe you want to combine it with perfect fitted cushions or other poufs? You can find it here: poufs from wool or different materials, different colors and sizes pillows. You are welcome here!


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